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Banner Photo: "Rainbow" by Taylor Gehrls. Page 109.

Reviews for Sequel 2015-2016

Brett Ray, '13

This edition of Sequel provides a glimpse into the minds of college students unlike any other. What we find are stories and imagery that capture so much more than homework and dorm rooms. Flowing through these pages are the large-scale concerns of students—social concerns, worries about their future, commentaries on old age, and images of the lesser-seen parts of their communities. I found myself in awe of the depth of some of these pieces, laughing along with others, and with some, even flashing back into memories of my past. This collaborative book is at once intimate and challenging, hilarious and quite serious. With the broad range of artistic ability in this book, you are bound to find at least one piece that strikes you and just won’t let you go.

Brett Ray is the author of My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian. He is a Simpson College alumni, class of 2013. Brett graduated from Simpson with a BA in Religion and has since graduated with his MTS from Duke Divinity School. His book is available for purchase on Amazon. Visit his website:, and email him at to book him for speaking engagements.