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We conversed about
how our love will never die
as you murdered me.
— "Dying Love" by Temesha Derby, p17
Strip me down to what you want to see.
The Muslim Girl daring to let
Faith cover my head.
— From "Cover my Head" by Andrea Casaretto, p36
 "Sailor's Delight" by Jeffrey O'Boyle, p3 

"Sailor's Delight" by Jeffrey O'Boyle, p3 

As I speak new words,
and despise my native tongue,
I yearn, for rebirth.
— "Bilingüe" by Olivia Anderson, p123
 "Komorebi" by Khrystina Calo, p50

"Komorebi" by Khrystina Calo, p50

 "Lily's Lavender Morning" by Dana Quick-Naig, p129

"Lily's Lavender Morning" by Dana Quick-Naig, p129

a rhapsodic love; electricity burned red-hot
before covering her in tones of black and purple.
the lack of luster in her eyes,
in her soul.
she was gray.
— From "9.5" by Niki Dean, p139

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Critical thinking and asking big questions will always matter to me as a humanities student. Learning to instill those abilities into something tangible—into an editing, publishing, and creative marketing career—matters to me as a senior getting ready to enter the work force.
— Virginia Atwell, '17

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"What the Maples Whispered" by Sarah Miller

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